There was one pack but jealousy and greed split them into two. Which side will you join on these heated lands? The Moonlight Howlers or The Shadow Hunters?
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PostSubject: NPC Account   NPC Account EmptyMon Dec 22, 2014 5:32 pm

Do you need someone to play as any type of prey, predator, sibling(or pup) you have not yet found in rp? Well that is what i am here for, if you need me to play as a predator in your rp, prey for you to feed your pack, pup since you cannot find one, or simply a sibling or friend passing by then go ahead and send me a pm.
Type(Prey, sibiling, predator and what animal): Prey, Moose.
Injury: One of your back legs are broken and so is one of your antlers.
Health: You are very sick.
Age: You are a full grown adult.
Gender: You are male.
Area: You will be in the mountains in the shadow hunters pack. (and place the exact name of rp area.)
Other: You are alone since you lost your herd. (Can also place you are in a group.)

Questions only for posting below.
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