There was one pack but jealousy and greed split them into two. Which side will you join on these heated lands? The Moonlight Howlers or The Shadow Hunters?
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 Before The Grand Opening

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PostSubject: Before The Grand Opening   Thu Dec 25, 2014 6:45 pm

OK I know we currently have kind of a lot of things to complete before the grand opening so I decided to write this now. In case you didn't know, we will be having a grand opening when the site is complete. Nothing truly special is planned yet. :p

OK so now, right now before the grand opening we will be accepting members without them having to train or be tested for a rank. You probably won't be accepted for high ranks, but hey why not try. You won't have much of a chance when we open.

We want a certain amount of wolves automatically added to our packs. Moonlight howlers would like at least 5 wolves, they already have two so all they need is three more. While Shadow hunters would like 5 more additions to the pack. Once the amount is complete then that pack will no longer accept any more wolves to start out the pack. The rest will have to join after or during the grand opening.

Everyone who joins and is not accepted into the pack because it is closed will be considered newcomers. They will have to seek out the pack they want to join or be born into the pack when the opening is over.

A plot line will be in order for the two packs beginning during the grand opening. So those who join early on will have a greater play in the pack. As they are one of the first founders of the pack. Some will also play a role in the plot lines soon to come. After all not every wolf can become a major part of a plot. However you all will be playing a part and ultimately it is what your wolf does. Anything your wolf does can create a new line in the plot.
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PostSubject: Re: Before The Grand Opening   Fri Dec 26, 2014 3:11 pm

So basically, once there are 5 members in each pack we will open up the site and you must train to become your rank unlike the 5 who have already joined.

Alright if you see me online and you think i am doing nothing, think again! I am coding the site a lot to make it look better before advertising.
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PostSubject: Re: Before The Grand Opening   Thu Jan 15, 2015 4:15 pm

Bump- Make sure to check out my update!
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PostSubject: Re: Before The Grand Opening   

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Before The Grand Opening
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