There was one pack but jealousy and greed split them into two. Which side will you join on these heated lands? The Moonlight Howlers or The Shadow Hunters?
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PostSubject: W.I.P The Shadow Hunters Pack   W.I.P The Shadow Hunters Pack EmptyTue Dec 23, 2014 9:08 pm

The Shadow Hunters Pack

Human Name: Sunwapta Pack or Sunwapta Falls Pack

Nicknamed: Hunters, Shadows (Ex: "Those Hunters need to back off!" Or "Stupid Shadows!"

The shadow hunters are located in forests, a canyon, and a valley.

Hooved, Rodents, Fish, etc.

Favorite Prey:
W.I.P The Shadow Hunters Pack Sunwapta-Homepage-41

For adult wolves, Cougars & Black bears. Grizzlies come here to hibernate during the winter.
For pups, cougars, black bears, grizzlies, and birds of prey.

Their personality is usually bad, neutral, neutral-bad, or evil. However some are neutral-good or even good, these wolves are often born into the pack however.

Acceptance Rate:
Currently a low, Ura seems to not be interested in outsiders joining.

The pack are well known for their shadow hunting tactics, in which the ambushers act like ninjas to avoid being seen by prey. They hide in shadows or behind natural objects, slowly creeping forward undetected until they are close enough for the lead hunter or king to revile it's self. However now the pack has surrounded the prey and slowly drives it to exhaustion or the king and/or lead hunter attacks followed by the rest of the pack.  

These wolves are great at tactic thinking and dangerous in battle. Even a healer knows how to defend it's self.

Not only do they hunt elk, but they also hunt many other things. Ura wants the pack to learn many things including fish hunting, basic wound healing plants, swimming, fighting, hunting & fighting tactics, tree climbing, other food sources(berries, fruit, clams, insects, etc.), etc.

What Ura Dislikes But Allows:
Ura dislikes when fights break out due to him wanting a loyal pack that leans on each other for support rather than outsiders. He doesn't want the pack to rip it's self apart. So he usually punishes fights for no reason but allows pecking order and other fights to break out that have reasons. However he will usually pair the two fighters together for jobs and such to try and repair their bonds.

All challenges are usually accepted here, since no wolf likes to back down and sees it as a weakness. However some wolves do back down if they feel the other wolf will do better at their rank.

The Bond Of the Pack:
Ura strives for a well bonded pack, even if they are killers. Not every wolf here is a murderer, Ura will even consider kicking a wolf if he/she is causing him trouble or annoying him a lot. Ura likes the pack to have fun and play once in a while to strengthen the bond. Most wolves may hide their feelings here, but many will enjoy their life as a Shadow Hunter-at least with Ura leading.


map for me don't click I have to make my own....:
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W.I.P The Shadow Hunters Pack
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