There was one pack but jealousy and greed split them into two. Which side will you join on these heated lands? The Moonlight Howlers or The Shadow Hunters?
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 History Of Jasper

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PostSubject: History Of Jasper   History Of Jasper EmptySat Dec 27, 2014 5:55 pm

Jasper is a national park located in Canada. With hunting, disease, and less prey the many packs near Wilcox pass faded to only one. A newly formed pack known as the Moonlight Howlers, named after a well known she-wolf, Snow.   After she took on a mate and his brother, that winter she gave birth to four pups, two male(Shin & Ura) and two female. One female was reported to have died soon after birth, it was a female runt. Ravi, the older brother of Snow's mate, was seen challenging the two but backed off. At 5 months the pack after going on a hunt, returned to find that the Alpha Male, or king, was ripped apart. It was said that his head was a few miles away and some of his limbs scattered along with pieces of ripped pelt. When the pack returned they saw Snow fighting off a few pack-mates with Ravi. She was bloody but soon kicked them from the pack. When she checked on her pups her daughter was missing however Shin and Ura were asleep. A few months later and Ravi returned this time finishing the job, he killed Snow and took Ura. He looked for Shin but couldn't find him and so he left. With this Ainu, the sister of Snow, took charge. She made sure that jelosouly and greed would no longer harm the pack. She banished every wolf who had evil in their hearts and cut off ties with any loners looking to join. They were ran out and she raised Shin, hoping that one day he would be a great leader. Many months passed and a disease struck as soon as the news had spread that Ura was king. This disease began to wipe out the packs then it began to stop when Ainu died. This passed the crown to Shin, with few numbers on both sides. Shin decided it was time to communicate with the other pack. Perhaps he felt it was time to speak with his brother once more. Now we are here the present, what will happen when Shin finally sends a messenger to the shadowed relem?
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History Of Jasper
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