There was one pack but jealousy and greed split them into two. Which side will you join on these heated lands? The Moonlight Howlers or The Shadow Hunters?
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PostSubject: All About Challenging    All About Challenging  EmptySat Dec 27, 2014 3:17 pm

Challenging is allowed. Like in the wolf world one must sometimes challenge the pecking order in order to move up in rank.

However in the pecking order there are these types of wolves-

Alpha Dog-

This wolf is one you may call a natural leader. They are dominate when challenged and reinforce their status as well as provide for their pack. As long as they are not any challengers they are pretty peaceful.

Over Dominant-
These wolves are not great leaders. Their pack is usually only following in fear of being bitten. No wolf is allowed to approach upright unless tail tucked and body low, although this is like a Alpha Dog. However they result to dominance, aggression, and bites rather than snaps and warnings followed by more aggressive behavior. Basically they want the control over everything and will result to violence quicker.

Like the Alpha Dog however they focus more on respect and dominance rather than leading. They also  want more freedoms rather than responsibility and leadership, they also hate being dominated.

Follower & Loyal Follower-
These wolves can careless about leading and won't mind following a poor leader. They are also what makes up a good pack, most are brave and loyal protecting their pack/family with their life. Most try to form good bonds with the leader and will give their lives up for their leader without a thought. Some loyal followers will leave the pack if it is taken over by someone new, and try to find their original leader. Some also will only trust their leader, finding no trust in anyone else.

Many submissive wolves have become grand leaders. Instead of fighting they submit not wanting to get their paws dirty. Some wolves become so submissive that they become fearful and shy most of these wolves become omegas.

Social Climber-
They slowly earn more freedoms and responsibilities. These wolves are always looking for a way to become a higher rank and will jump on the opportunity. If a rule is not enforced to this wolf it may ignore that rule seeing that it can get away with it giving it more power.

In order to challenge a wolf you wolf needs respect.

An omega may challenge a higher rank but no higher than the low ranks. It will take only 10 respect and 30 for a mid rank and 50 or more for the high ranks.

A novice and pup are unable to challenge until a higher rank is given. Pups may play challenge to find themselves in the pecking order.

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All About Challenging
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